Sunday, May 29, 2011

Starting a project on my car.

So I've decided that I want to switch out the bulbs from the interior of my car with LEDs. The gauge cluster, climate control, ignition ring, ash tray, etc. It's a small project but its something I can do and it's cheap costing about $40.00 for all the LEDs. It honestly shouldn't be too hard but I've got nothing better to do.

before and after of another MR2 gauge cluster

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Picture.

New hood. Doesn't seem like I ever have anything more to talk about now-a-days, lol.

Sunday, May 22, 2011



Picture for those interested. the car ran me $2,000

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ahh new stuff :p

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, I've just been super busy all week. I traveled out to Alabama to buy an MR2, Woooo! Its awesome and I really do like it but it's just such a drastic change from my honda civic so it'll take some getting used to. Now I'm getting minor work done on it at my friend's house, he's a mechanic that knows so much more than me and I do trust him with my car and it's nice to know I'm not getting ripped off by the dealerships. Looking for apartments tomorrow and gotta buy more parts for the car. Gonna keep this one short and sweet, be back in a few :p

Monday, May 9, 2011

New car! (well not new, just new to me)

I found an MR2 for sale. The car is in decent condition with the exception of a few dents, a window doesn't roll down, AC needs freon, and the hood is a bit wrinkled and the best part is I can afford it! I have to go out of state to meet him so that'll be a first, also buying a car, driving a stick shift and spending over 2k at once. Lotta firsts in there >.> lol but yeah I should be meeting him on Wednesday so I hope for the best.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sliding in the rain. (Part 2)

*WHOOPWHOOP* flashing lights ... (Part 1) I exit the drift and continue into the turning lane of the campus when I see the dreadful flashing lights of a cop car. "OMGOMGOMG" is all I'm thinking. The cop wasn't behind me, he was waiting at the light ahead of me. So I signal into the lane that goes straight to avoid following behind the cop. I expected the cop to U-Turn and get right on my ass, so I drive by with my breath held and the cop turns into campus and pulls over the car in front of him. I'm so scared at this point I park in a shopping center to calm my nerves and wait to see if the cop followed me. I waited like 5 minutes before I headed back to school and saw the cops in the parking lot with their lights on interrogating that other guy. Awesome night... (For me and my friends, not for the dude who got pulled over >.>)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sliding in the rain.

So it's about 8:00-9:00pm and it's raining out, moderately hard. Me and a few friends went for a bite to eat at Wild Wings cafe, it was three of us total and we all rode in my car. We had a good time at WWC (I thought), the food was good and the company was great. It wasn't some huge ass group with headaches lurking around every corner. We finish up relatively quickly so we start heading back to the university. Earlier that day I was asking my friend about drifting and he showed me in his 300ZX and so I asked him if it would be possible to do so in a FWD vehicle. He said yes it was, he was sitting in the backseat and the other friend in the front as we were driving back. We come across an empty turn into the main road that slightly goes downhill. I thought to myself HHMMMM..... DRIFT! So I hit the gas, held the e-brake and took off into the main road. At first nothing happened and  I was like wtf? Then I turned the wheel to help the car gain an angle and before I knew it I had over steered about 70 degrees from when I started out and was like OH SHITLOL. My tires were skidding over the slick road and the tires sliding sounded so badass. So I return the e-brake and hit the gas again to drive off, like a boss. My heart was pounding because this was my first time ever trying to drift and with a FWD vehicle on top of that. All was good and I felt like a boss until .... *WHOOPWHOOP* flashing lights ... (Part 1)