Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dream car.

So I've decided that the next car I want to get is going to be a 1991 Toyota MR2. It doesn't have to be modded or have any extravagant  features. I can always save up more money to add stuff I want like rims, spoiler, subs, etc. It's not that big a goal but a goal nonetheless. It's something to look forward to. I want to learn more about cars as well because at the moment I don't know anything and it's something that interests me so that's also a goal.

Something less glorified than this but basically this car :)


  1. It's sad that I read that and heard you saying it. Like when someone reads a letter of ANY kind in a movie and the person who wrote it is the one speaking... We need letters like that...

    Oh yea, relevance sorry. MR2's are great cars to learn in. Honestly, I say that because they are ungodly stable. What my car can do pushing 90 around a turn, my brother's MR2 can do at 120 no sweat. Not that we've ever compared it... at all... on the road near my house.

  2. Haha, that's so true.. as hard as you try you can't not hear me!! lol

    But yeah, it's not anything I can see myself doing 100% but its something I want and that doesn't happen too often. I just gotta keep looking

  3. very cool car, would love to see one with some $$$ invested in it , followed