Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wild Wings Cafe.

Every other night me and a few friends go up to WWC because they have this buy 1 get 1 free kinda deal so if you buy 12 you get 12 free. Of course it's about 12 dollars so it would get pretty expensive going every week. The people there are cool and fun to be around but every night after like an hour or two I just get so unbelievably tired and unfocused, it gets rather annoying. Now more and more people are getting invited and it takes ages for anything to get done like drinks, orders, and bills. The group of us are basically separated. There are people who sit on either extremes of the tables who don't talk to each other, only the people on that side and then nearing the middle are the people who talk to both sides more or less equally but whatever, as long as everyone's having a good time; it really shouldn't bother me as much as it does. On the way home I saw the moon, it was just over the horizon and was tinted a bownish red and was a full moon; the closest i've ever seen it. I used to text Keli to look up at the moon whenever I felt it was full or just weird but I haven't for a while now and don't anymore, I miss doing that.

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  1. It sucks that nice quiet places go crazy and lose quality. It sucks even more when friendships strain and break. Keep your head up and glide through the turbulence man.